We must be concern

Global warming. A heavy word. A crisis our world is facing. But don't you get curious how all of this started. We must be concern about this. And the solution start in each and everyone of us. Watch this to know more of global warming and what you and we can do. (Click the link.)


The things I want

So this are things I really want to have as of the moment. If I could just have all the money in the world. Haha. :))

Dresses in Pastel colors, since it is still Summer here in the Philippines, I wanna wear this and show to the world that I can wear dress comfortably and not sacrificing my body with super flowy and revealing dresses.
A satchel bag, specially in Pink (this color) or brown. For me its cute. chic, stylish and functional as well. 

Floral heels and floral sneakers (not shown) I think everything floral is good and beautiful in my eyes.

Geometric shorts

Blue heels, I have this in red ( not exactly the same but somehow looks like this) but obviously I want it also in this color. 
But I'm still a student so having all of these will not be good or somehow beneficial because I should be studying and focus in finishing my chosen course or program.

(All pictures are from Tumblr.com)