Carefree by armenjhoanna featuring white flats

Feeling lazy? Here's one of the sets in my Summer styles previous post. This is one of my favorite sets at all. The theme was simple being bright in a lazy day, in short being carefree. (Sorry for the late review) Just pull of a floral top, tie the middle, put on ombre shorts, white flats and sling bag and you are ready to go. Easy right? Very cute looking and fashionable at the same time. Fit for just a stroll in the park or mall. This style is not limited in wearing for summer only. It could be for any day just sunny day! :) Don't you think? Sound off in comments if I'm right. That is free! :)

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Still in Summer mood

I feel so summer-ry

I feel so summer-ry by armenjhoanna featuring leather shoes

Okay so another style tip post for girls! You can still be in summer mood by just deciding/styling the way you dress. Not only will it give you a summer vibe it can also make you feel breezy, by wearing light and vibrant colors. Easy right?  Just mix and match vibrant colors, along with crop top and plain maxi skirt. Pair it with cool colored flats and tone down with a light colored sling bag, but do not sacrifice comfortability in dressing yourself. At the end, the way you dress up should be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. You can even wear this at school or just time with your friends or strolling at the park. Versatile, right? Hope this helps girls! Happy dressing! Will post more about this topic regularly.

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Throwback Thursday

Thursday, one thing comes to mind it is #throwbackthursday

Here is one picture of my #throwbackthursday #fftb

What I'm wearing:
Floral Top from Crissa Jeans
Jeans from Bizzare
Bracelets from Get Laud and Thrift shop

I wore this cute but simple outfit a month ago, me and my family went to SM Southmall to shop and enjoy the day since my father who is working abroad recently came.
Will post more OOTD pictures regularly.

All about Files

LOOSING YOUR FILES in your flash drive without you knowing! That's one worse moment specially if that file/files is/are important to you. So for all teenagers and all of people I know you've encountered this problem. Here's one/the solution to this problem.

The instruction in the picture are written in Filipino language. Here's the English translation and full instructions:

Lost your files? Try this:
1. Access/Open Command Prompt. How? There are  2 ways
      1st way: Click Windows Start Button, select All Programs, Accessories then click COMMAND     PROMPT
      2nd way: Search CMD in your search bar located at the Windows Button when you click it.
2. Know the drive of your flash drive. In the example (in the picture the one with the circle ) its E: 
    type e: and the text written inside the yellow box. Example: e:attrib -s -h -r /s /d *.*

Then problem solved. If not, continue your drama. Joking, but I think and know this is effective. Hope this helps!

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Always floral love

Always floral love

Always floral love by armenjhoanna featuring bke watches

Yet one of my creations from polyvore. This is my entry for one of the group contest in polyvore. Its mechanics was to introduce yourself by creating just a regular set. And this is what I've created. I think I just pulled this off in less than 5 minutes, I'm not bragging but I've been a member of polyvore for one year so I think I enhanced this skill haha. Anyways, I really love florals (so obvious) there is something in florals that I really love and like. Its girly I know but in my eyes its just beautiful. Wearing this dress with flats and satchel bag is so me. Girly and simple. You dont need flashy dress, sky high heels to look beautiful. Comfortability and simple is beautiful, and enough to show your inner you. Hope you like it. View the whole set and the brands here.

Blogging issue no.1

Long time no post again. Hahaha! Now the summer vacation for us Filipino students are now over, its time for school again. I know the dilemma of us bloggers (me too have this) of blogging and studying at the same time. But well, this is a common scenario because I know some put up a blog just for the sake of doing something in the vacation ( I admit) but hey we can still manage our time and do things we love at the same time without having to sacrifice one thing. Here is one amazing thing I found when I sign up in blogspot. YOU CAN DRAFT AND SCHEDULE YOUR POST! That is easy as 1, 2, 3 right? I mean you can write your post all at once and just schedule it when it will be posted publicly in your account. Very good right? This is just located on the right side of  your screen if your making your post.

(Click the image to see it clearly and click Schedule, the one with the black box to see full details)

So now problem solved.

Will post more about me and other infos in between in the next days. I may not be totally active for now, because of school of course but will be updating this blog regularly. Hahaha.

The current situation

In lieu of time, studying and other activities of mine in between, I have spent less time in blogging and fixing all this stuffs. So for now, again, I will say that my blog is unstable and still under construction. I'm not yet mastered the art of blogging but will love to. But for a while, I'll post infos and my likes in between in this blog. For the fashion or ootd posts, which I also like, watch out SOON. I'll be in it but for now I really want my blog to be fully establish in my own way.