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LOOSING YOUR FILES in your flash drive without you knowing! That's one worse moment specially if that file/files is/are important to you. So for all teenagers and all of people I know you've encountered this problem. Here's one/the solution to this problem.

The instruction in the picture are written in Filipino language. Here's the English translation and full instructions:

Lost your files? Try this:
1. Access/Open Command Prompt. How? There are  2 ways
      1st way: Click Windows Start Button, select All Programs, Accessories then click COMMAND     PROMPT
      2nd way: Search CMD in your search bar located at the Windows Button when you click it.
2. Know the drive of your flash drive. In the example (in the picture the one with the circle ) its E: 
    type e: and the text written inside the yellow box. Example: e:attrib -s -h -r /s /d *.*

Then problem solved. If not, continue your drama. Joking, but I think and know this is effective. Hope this helps!

Credits to here.
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