Blogging issue no.1

Long time no post again. Hahaha! Now the summer vacation for us Filipino students are now over, its time for school again. I know the dilemma of us bloggers (me too have this) of blogging and studying at the same time. But well, this is a common scenario because I know some put up a blog just for the sake of doing something in the vacation ( I admit) but hey we can still manage our time and do things we love at the same time without having to sacrifice one thing. Here is one amazing thing I found when I sign up in blogspot. YOU CAN DRAFT AND SCHEDULE YOUR POST! That is easy as 1, 2, 3 right? I mean you can write your post all at once and just schedule it when it will be posted publicly in your account. Very good right? This is just located on the right side of  your screen if your making your post.

(Click the image to see it clearly and click Schedule, the one with the black box to see full details)

So now problem solved.

Will post more about me and other infos in between in the next days. I may not be totally active for now, because of school of course but will be updating this blog regularly. Hahaha.
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