(DIY) Dying Shorts

Dying Denim

Dying Denim by blissful-tips featuring high-waisted denim shorts

The title says it all. Its the second post of the DIY series, and this time its all about dying or coloring your shorts. In my first post about DIY, its all about cutting your jeans into shorts, this time for it to be more fabulous and on trend put some colors to your shorts. Shorts with dye are very famous for teenager girls and specially in summer. So this post is all about dying your shorts. Isn't this great? You recycled your old jeans by cutting it to shorts and even personalized it with your fave color and style. So lets begin shall we?

See the whole procedure here
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(DIY) Cutting Jeans Into Shorts

Cutting Jeans Into Shorts

Cutting Jeans Into Shorts by blissful-tips featuring studded high waisted shorts

Long time no post! Anyways, here is a DIY activity that all girls will love. Cutting Jeans into Shorts!! Not only you can save money and effort in buying, you can also personalize and decide what length of the short you want. Very good right? And the best part its easy to do. So read on about this DIY I found on polyvore. I will do this also! Hahaha! Lets have fun! 

See the whole procedure here
Credits to here

Casual Beautiful

Thinking of you and smiling :-)

Thinking of you and smiling :-) by firstclass1 featuring roxy

Looking for a casual yet beautiful look for summer? Here's one way to pull off a good and girly girl look thats perfect for casual beautiful look (strolling in the mall, get together with friends) hence the title. This is one of the many lovely sets I've seen in polyvore. The color theme which is brown is so good to look at specially worn with right amount of accessories. And I think I can wear/pull this outfit. This set was made by Irene of polyvore. View the full set and the brands of the outfit here.

For reads

I just wanna share my first ever digital book entitled "Important". I wrote this book for fun haha since I've nothing to do since its summer here in Philippines. Anyways I hope you guys will like my book and will read it. Although, I've been timid lately in updating the chapters, please read it. But I guess, I should first wrote a one shot story for beginners like me to train me in writing. I recently created an account for wattpad to share my first ever story (my masterpiece haha) click here to start reading it, follow me and I'll follow back.

One summer look

One of the ways to rock your summer in style is by having this things! They are must-haves for summer. Dress are perfect to show your skin and shape in the crowd, paired with the slight curls and tie it with Goody elastics. You can wear your dress with your favorite sneakers and sandals, like this Keds Champion Spring or Gladiator sandal after all with the scorching heat you cant walk in comfort with heels. For more summer-y feeling add sunnies and/or fedora hat with your outfit and lastly pair your entire look with light make up, and cute color nail polish and you're good to go. Hope this post helps you girls for styling in summer. And for girls here in Philippines, its not too late to enjoy the vacation (although there's raining) be with your friends and have a good time. Weather doesn't matter when you're having a good time. To view more of my summer style mix and match dress, shoes, accessories visit my polyvore website here, don't forget to follow me if you have a polyvore account. I'll follow back! :)

Short hair again

Well I guess its time for a all about me post! The title of this post says it all right? Once again, I'm short haired (insert drum roll sound) haha my mother dragged me to the salon yesterday together with my sister, Jheannie. 
Add captionThis is me trying to look animated haha edited in Camera 360 this app has tons of effects you can apply to your picture to make it look more beautiful. Amazing isn't it?
After that we ate at Burger King to treat ourselves since me and Jheannie had a haircut. But anyways I guess I'll not be tired of this haircut even though Its always my haircut in high school haha. This kind of hair reminds me of my high school, one of the best times of my life, since specially I met the most amazing/special persons in my life. Haha..

AMe smiling and posing in front the mirror. An outfit shot (half part only). This is an #ootd picture of me haha.
Floral Dress from Preppy

This pictures are also found in my Instagram Account here.

The official election results

Now that the 2013 Philippine election has ended, its time to see the results. And after 1 week of tallying and canvassing the votes of the COMELEC (Commission on Elections) officers, comes the newly-elected and official senators and other government positions candidates. I would like to say congratulations for winning the elections and may they serve the country dutifully and rightfully. Here are the official and complete result for senator and partylist. (Click the image to view it larger)

For senators, here are the Top 12 candidates who won the election

Another visual representation/chart of the results.

The partylist election results.

Another visual representation/chart of the results.

For the local government positions election results click here.

All images are from COMELEC's official website.

Election results

So since I posted something about the election day (specially about the senator candidates) read it here. Might as well update you guys about the counting and partial results of the election here in Philippines. For senator and partylist spots only.  Did you vote for the right person? One vote could/can change the country. I hope all the people vote responsibly and for the candidates that will make in the position do you as what you promised our countrymen. Be a person of action not of words. God Bless us all! (Click the picture so it can be viewed larger)

Top 12 Senator candidates 

Top 12 Partylist

For more and full details about the election visit GMA Network site here.
(All images are from http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/ )


I just wanna share some of the K-Dramas (Korean Dramas) I've watched (recently) and are totally cool and has an awesome story. I've been watching K-Dramas recently because its summer here in Philippines. And summer is sometimes boring so I just watch haha :)) But I think you are familiar with this K-Dramas since they are popular, and for Filipinos most especially because these shows had aired or been airing with the top 2 network TV channels, GMA and ABS-CBN. Here goes..

To the Beautiful You (Korean's version of Hana Kimi)
Although the synopsis is the same with the original Hanazakari no Kimitachi (For You in Full Blossom) Manga/J-Drama the story primarily focus about the love story progress of Kang Tae Joon and Goo Jae Hee. Overall, the story and cast were beautiful and good in acting respectively. Thumbs up! 10 out of 10 stars is my rate haha! Watch this and get ready to smile, fall in love and cry. I won't spoil the fun so watch it here. 
 This drama is currently airing in ABS- CBN, every weekdays 5:00 in the afternoon, Philippines Time. 

Playful Kiss
The story is all about a girl who has one sided love for a genius guy, but Baek Seung Jo (guy) is unsure of his feelings to Oh Ha Ni (girl) as the story goes along it portrays a strong emotions and feelings that are experience by people falling in love but don't know what to do. 10 out of 10 is my rate. Anyways, its good to watch this drama because (somehow) you'll get attached or you can relate especially when you are in love.  This drama was aired on GMA. Watch it here

A Gentleman's Dignity
I've watched this drama just last year of December. I even downloaded all the videos because its really good. Very funny. The drama's story is about a man's (Kim Do Jin) one sided love to a girl (Song Yi Soo) but the girl liked the guy's friend. Friendship, responsibility and love is all about this drama. After all some of the protagonists of the story are aged 40 haha. But watch this and I'm sure you'll also say that this is a good K-Drama. This drama was aired on ABS-CBN last year until 2013 same timeslot as To The Beautiful You, but this was first aired and after this To The Beautiful You was next. Watch it here.

(All images are from Google Images)

When In Doubt/Fear

If you want to forget something, I think its best not to tell anyone or share it and forget it. I want to forget all the bad vibes in my life specially what just happened. Everything happens for a reason so I know that God is taking care of me and not all the time good things happen in your life right?

There will be ups and downs but always remember God is with us. He loves us unconditionally.  We may not know the real reason why this happen nor we do have the capacity or ability to comprehend and understand and think what it is but always believe in our God and He will never leave us. And that's what happened to me. I'm not going to tell all in details because I don't want to remember it in my life ( and of course I will be reading this again so I don't want to read it) but I wanted to share the message that God loves us and don't forget to pray always. I love you God! <3 :)

Yes! I need God everyday! 

( All pictures are from https://www.facebook.com/ILoveGod.page ) 

This Election

If you are following me in Twitter, you may have already saw this since I posted links (which contains pictures) about the coming election in the Philippines. But I'll post it here also, so that the chances of reading/passing the information will be high. Hahaha (talk about being concerned, but yes I'm concerned since I can't vote because I'm not registered I just turned 18 this year so I cannot still register and vote). Since its 5 days before the election day here in the Philippines that is May 13, 2012, let me share something informational as well as beneficial for those people/netizens of the Philippines who will be voting this coming election day. Read the pictures and remember to vote wisely and surely. God Bless us all!

This is about the each candidates for senator stand in some issues regarding the Philippines. (Please click the picture so it can be viewed larger.)

This is all about each candidates for senator attendance in senatorial forums and debates.

Hope you find this beneficial and informational. :) (But I think it will, comments are welcome)

     The first picture is from here
     The second picture is from here.

Thoughts for the day

Random thoughts to read for this day. I thought of posting this because some sayings/quotations really hit a mark in our own life, sometimes don't you think? :D

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Cookie :)

Our family pet, Cookie is the "bida" (protagonist) of my blog today HAHAHA.Well, my tita gave this to us so we were so happy that we got a new family member.

My thoughts for today

 I woke up early in the morning today because my mom said we are going to do some errands. Then we went in a dentist clinic and my mom is planning to have me get braces. So I'm familiar with it but then I searched the web all about it. First few days of putting braces and adjusting braces once in awhile is so painful but then they always say that it is for your teeth, to be straight and presentable. I guess, I'll have to bear with that pain. Huhu :((

Polyvore experience

So here are some of my sets (creations) in Polyore (previous post, see more here) . This website is so fun. You got to mix and match outfits and accessories that you like or you dream to have. Haha plus you'll be able to interact with different people in different countries. And if ever you ran out of ideas the polyvore official trendsetter (@polyvore-editorial on polyvore) held contests with time limit and rules. You'll really have fun especially if you win the contest and you'll get to see different sets made by others. I got to know this website when my cousin, Pia, introduced it to me when I spent some weeks in their house. Isn't great? Haha. See for yourself. Will discuss some or maybe all of the sets you've seen one by one. How did I came up with that set and all the like. Visit their website here. And don't forget to visit my polyvore account. Click here to see. Follow me and I'll follow back. Looking forward in seeing you there! :)

Summer Styles