Yess! I got the time to post an ootd. Luckily i only have 2 days classes so that gives me a nice time to post in my blog. Anyways, this is what I wore when we ate at Chicken Bonchon at The District Imus and went somewhere. The first time I saw this dress from SM GTW, I knew I have to get it. It a must staple for every girl wardrobe. 

A change

Long time no post. been so busy in college plus the fact Im in my 4th yr 2nd semester (last semester in college) made my schedule so hectic by finishing my thesis. But I've been updating my twitter, instagram, and facebook accounts so if you are a follower/reader of this blog, i guess you would not mind and forgive me by not updating for so long.

Pictures are taken by my mom. #nofilter


So basically next semester I will be in my senior year in college. But putting that aside first, I have to  finish my OJT which stands for On the Job Training, and the requirement was 240 hours and I chose to do it in Bangko Mabuhay, it is previously known as Rural Bank of Tanza. Its head office is located in Tanza and I had my OJT at Molino Branch.

 (Pics are taken from different dates)

All smiles as we start our OJT

Panie, Me, Lea

Danz, Lea, Me

Monopod? selfie with mam Mariz, Sir Apple and Renz

Beach ready Hair

Summer hair: Beach-ready side Fringe

Summer hair: Beach-ready side Fringe by jumping-through-hoops featuring a wooden hairbrush

So when we think of summer, its gotta be beach and here's one tip to feel the summer. Get that beach ready hair. Follow the steps above and you're good to go. Remember to take a pic of yourself or selfie! :)

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Spring Beauty

My Spring Beauty Routine

My Spring Beauty Routine by thisislettie featuring Caudalie

Since its summery/spring feeling here in Philippines, lets embrace that thought to ourselves. And lets us take a break from posts of outfits advice now and have a beauty post to read. One way to enjoy the weather is to look good and look accordingly to the weather, its in this way we can start or have our day in a good mood.

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Peachy. by s-elle featuring Crate and Barrel

This screams color right? Perfect for going in the mall, run on errands or just a plain day with your friends. Plus the color is refreshing so its a plus point for comfortability.

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Updates on the Year

According to the news its official some of the colleges will follow ASEAN rule in education, that is moving the month of going to school from June to September.

I personally agree to this, since from the months of June to August are the wet months, meaning more rains are coming in the country, is disturbing the calendar of activities of the school with all the class suspension and damages. What do you think guys? Sound off in comments.
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Korean Classes Part 3

So this post is all about pictures taken during and after our class. Koreans really have a good skin, and they are whiter than me, really because I just had swimming haha. Anyways, I got along with them easily and more to Jiyeon who I taught how to play the Philippine Jackstone. Haha :))

Now many picturesss... Stolen pics during, after the class

Me and Jiyeon

K- Drama #2

Do you remember my first post about K- drama? Click here. Since sembreak up to now, I've been also busy in watching K- dramas. So here are some of the K- drama and variety shows I've recently watched. For Kpop fans, I'm sure you're gonna like this!

Lie to me
This is a romance comedy. About a girl and a boy who had a fake marriage for the sake of wealth. I wont spoil click here to watch the drama series.

The Heirs
Also a romance comedy with a setting of the rich boy meets poor girl. This drama is a little bit heavy but what I find so good here is that Lee Min Ho portrays his role very well, so handsome. Click to watch

Running Man
A variety show consists of set of challenges that is intended for fun or for endorsing a tv show, I've watched the episode where the cast of The Heirs are the guest. Its episode 166 click here to watch.

We Got Married
A show where 2 Korean celebrities are paired up and show what life would they have if their married, a funny and cute show indeed. Click here to watch the episode of Taemin (SHINee) and Naeun (A- Pink) married life.

We Got Married Logo
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Korean Class Part 2

A second post about my Korean class. So every friday of the week, instead of having a regular class, Mr. Jeon and Ms. Oh taught us traditional Korean games. They also had their students come with them, yes Korean teenagers, to teach and help us with the games. On the first friday January 10 they taught us Korean games one of them is gonggi or Korean Jackstone. We all had fun and enjoyed the day while playing with the Korean students. Some of my classmates sang while we were playing. Haha.

Gonggi or Korean Jackstone
This is played like a normal jackstone here in the Philippines except the pebbles is not bouncing and you have to use the pebble as a ball and catch it while getting the others. And there must be only 6 jacks. To know more how to play gonggi click here.

Then on the second friday which was yesterday they taught us how to play Yutnori. To know how to play Yutnori click here

Watch out for part 3 because most of the pictures are there.

Pics are from Google Images.