So basically next semester I will be in my senior year in college. But putting that aside first, I have to  finish my OJT which stands for On the Job Training, and the requirement was 240 hours and I chose to do it in Bangko Mabuhay, it is previously known as Rural Bank of Tanza. Its head office is located in Tanza and I had my OJT at Molino Branch.

 (Pics are taken from different dates)

All smiles as we start our OJT

Panie, Me, Lea

Danz, Lea, Me

Monopod? selfie with mam Mariz, Sir Apple and Renz

Me and Lea decided to have a picture with Bangko Mabuhay wall as our background

Me, Lea, Mam Mariz, Sir Apple, Sir Renz

Me and Lea

Me, Lea, Sir Ryan, Sir Robert

At first I feel so uneasy because Im so nervous but as the times past I really felt comfortable. I got along with the employees of Microfinance Department, in which department I was assigned, Mam Mariz, Sir Robert, Sir Leo, Sir Apple, Sir Renz, Sir Joseph, Sir Nikki and Sir Jeff, my co-OJT mates, Lea, we've been together since my Day 1, we're on the same department and we got close to each other as times pass, then there is also Panie, who is also my friend, close one and was assigned to another department and also to the other employees of bank and my other co- OJT mates Al, Isha, Jhen, Celeste, Danz, Len, Francis and Dayan. I've learned alot about the being employed, bank works and also gained more self confidence in myself. I'm really happy to be part of Bangko Mabuhay OJT and I will never forget it.

(What I'm wearing:
School uniform, Crissa Pink Polo shirt, Bench Pink and Gray blouse, Bench Orange polo shirt, Lee Pipes Green polo shirt, Jag Skinny Jeans)
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