A change

Long time no post. been so busy in college plus the fact Im in my 4th yr 2nd semester (last semester in college) made my schedule so hectic by finishing my thesis. But I've been updating my twitter, instagram, and facebook accounts so if you are a follower/reader of this blog, i guess you would not mind and forgive me by not updating for so long.

Pictures are taken by my mom. #nofilter

Since its so hot here in the Philippines (not to mention its nearing Christmas) i opted to wear something comfortable but screams rock fashion for our family bonding, also I have opted to ponytail my hair because of the weather (wishing its snowing in the Philippines) We went to SM Southmall in 5 in the afternoon to chill, relax and unwind the day.


What I'm wearing:

SM GTW crop top
SM Accessories ponytail
BNY Jeans High Waist Short
Bench Shoulder Bag
Citizen kinetic watch
Charcoal Slip on sandals
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