What I Crave

So literally crave is something for food. But I really wanted these things. Hope someone will give this to me. Haha. Anyways, since its sembreak, and i've got nothing to do. So here goes my list I hope I'm heard.

I've made it in a collage so its hassle free! :))

1. Wishes Granted
I hope my good wishes comes true. With hope, faith and love in God this will happen. Positivity!

2. Shoes and shoe cabinet
My love for shoes is so big. I want many flats and shoes because I believe in the saying girls with the right and good shoes take them to places

3. Red velvet cake and cupcake
I personally wanted to know how to make this. I really want to eat this now!

4.Clothes and a big cabinet
To feel good you must look good. So I personally want to advice you guys to invest in good clothes not only you will look good, you will also feel good. Positivity. Remember, nothing beats a positive mind.

5. DSLR Camera
For my ootd pictures, sometimes I take my pictures with my digicam or my sisters Iphone 5. But not only for ootd pics is the reason that I want this, I also want to capture precious and priceless moments in a camera and print it and keep it to cherish the memories.

6. LG PD233 NFC Pocket Photo Printer
Not only do I want to take pictures, I also want to print them as what I've said and this LG Pocket Photo Printer is perfect for me. Its small (perfect for travelling) and very chic as well. Must have for wanderlust persons out there!

7. Books
For boring days and for days that you just want to unwind, books are perfect companion. It lets you widen your vocabulary and gives you a story at the same time. Hows that? I specifically like light novels, love topics and such to give me kilig. Haha.

8. Acer K132 Projector
This projector comes with a tablet. Very pricey but worth it. I want this because if I want to watch movies, I can in my own home, comfy right. And it is useful for me too, as a student for presentations and stuffs.

9. Ipad Mini
I want this because its so slim, comes with a powerful specs what more can you ask for? 

I hope I'm heard. Haha. (again)

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Okay so its October so here comes Halloween. Are you excited? I am. Although we dont usually celebrate Halloween here in the Philippines, some children already adopted to the tradition. So what to expect and what to do this Halloween? Since its sembreak I know some will get bored and what fun things to do. I'll give some activities you can do halloween themed.

1. Get yourself to the halloween mood.
This includes wearing costumes, make up or props related to halloween. Prep up. Get excited, include your pets (how cute is that). Take videos and photos of it. And share it to the world, post it to social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube. Inspirations? Here are some pictures.

Dog with his costume. So cute.

Halloween costumes
2. Trick or treat
Engage yourself in trick or treat activities. This happens in mall, not only you get goodies, you get to know and socialize other people. And dont mind your age. Its just numbers. Dont think about it.

Yummy goodies

3. Spend it with your loved ones or friends
Halloween dont just mean costumes and treats, it can be a bonding time with your family and friends. Sit, watch horror movies and have fun. You can watch Insidious, Paranormal Activity and many horror movies.

Watch movies at night and in a dark room with friends or family. How cool is that!

Enjoy your halloween guys! :)

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Yellow Yellow

BEEN MIA like forever? Nahh just kidding. Anyway, been so busy in college (study) but I'm totally back!! Cause its sembreaaak. Im so done with first semester. Goodluck to my grades and now onto 2nd semester.  And wait 3 more semester and I'm graduating already. Hows that? But for today hooray for more me time and alone time. And since its been a month that I've posted here, I think I'll be active for the next few weeks.

Anyways I want to be in a good mood for this day so I started by doing something productive. I helped my mom in household chores. Yay! So on to my post, here's what I wore today.

Yellow tee and floral shorts for a sunshiny and good mood day.

Here's a cute pose.
 Casual, sweet, girly and comfortable. This words just describe my outfit. This combo is perfect for going in the mall, hang out with friends or stroll in the park. And this shorts was already in my previous post. Haha. I just love this shorts very beautiful and fashionable for me. And if you are going to deal with florals other ensembles on your look should be neutral, plain or laid. To achieve the four words I just said.
Another picture.

Of course, a selfie picture.

What I'm wearing:
Yellow Tee from It's
Floral Shorts from Jewels
Striped Cardigan from Thrift Shop
Necklace from Thrift Shop
Flats from Jazz