Yellow Yellow

BEEN MIA like forever? Nahh just kidding. Anyway, been so busy in college (study) but I'm totally back!! Cause its sembreaaak. Im so done with first semester. Goodluck to my grades and now onto 2nd semester.  And wait 3 more semester and I'm graduating already. Hows that? But for today hooray for more me time and alone time. And since its been a month that I've posted here, I think I'll be active for the next few weeks.

Anyways I want to be in a good mood for this day so I started by doing something productive. I helped my mom in household chores. Yay! So on to my post, here's what I wore today.

Yellow tee and floral shorts for a sunshiny and good mood day.

Here's a cute pose.
 Casual, sweet, girly and comfortable. This words just describe my outfit. This combo is perfect for going in the mall, hang out with friends or stroll in the park. And this shorts was already in my previous post. Haha. I just love this shorts very beautiful and fashionable for me. And if you are going to deal with florals other ensembles on your look should be neutral, plain or laid. To achieve the four words I just said.
Another picture.

Of course, a selfie picture.

What I'm wearing:
Yellow Tee from It's
Floral Shorts from Jewels
Striped Cardigan from Thrift Shop
Necklace from Thrift Shop
Flats from Jazz
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