Yess! I got the time to post an ootd. Luckily i only have 2 days classes so that gives me a nice time to post in my blog. Anyways, this is what I wore when we ate at Chicken Bonchon at The District Imus and went somewhere. The first time I saw this dress from SM GTW, I knew I have to get it. It a must staple for every girl wardrobe. 

You can wear this striped dress anywhere at anytime. Its perfect for casual, just pair with sandals and this is also perfect for summer just add a fedora hat and beach as a background. And whats best, I bought it in a low price. Since the color of my outfit is more of white and black, even my accessories are complementary colors of white and black, I paired it with my Bench blue bag to add a bit color and a skin tone sandals. And for more color, I opted to take my photo beside this giant Christmas tree. 

I'm really feeling Christmas-y now. BTW, 25 days to go and its Christmas. For now, I gotta finish revising my thesis, I just finished doing my homework (hooray for that) and I'm gonna think of that perfect outfit for this Christmas! So stay tuned!

What I'm wearing
SM GTW striped dress
Genevieve Gozum belt
Bench Bag
SM Accessories Ponytail (as bracelet)
Charcoal sandals

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