K- Drama #2

Do you remember my first post about K- drama? Click here. Since sembreak up to now, I've been also busy in watching K- dramas. So here are some of the K- drama and variety shows I've recently watched. For Kpop fans, I'm sure you're gonna like this!

Lie to me
This is a romance comedy. About a girl and a boy who had a fake marriage for the sake of wealth. I wont spoil click here to watch the drama series.

The Heirs
Also a romance comedy with a setting of the rich boy meets poor girl. This drama is a little bit heavy but what I find so good here is that Lee Min Ho portrays his role very well, so handsome. Click to watch it.here

Running Man
A variety show consists of set of challenges that is intended for fun or for endorsing a tv show, I've watched the episode where the cast of The Heirs are the guest. Its episode 166 click here to watch.

We Got Married
A show where 2 Korean celebrities are paired up and show what life would they have if their married, a funny and cute show indeed. Click here to watch the episode of Taemin (SHINee) and Naeun (A- Pink) married life.

We Got Married Logo
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