Korean Classes Part 1

Remember my post about me having Korean Class. Well it already started and guess what learning it was fun and fast. I didnt know that Korean Alphabet isnt complex as I see it before (maybe because they're teaching the basics yet silly me haha) the free lessons are going to happen in Imus Municipal Hall for 2 weeks. They also gave away textbooks for free. The "Talk to me in Korean" class is offered free by the Government of Imus, Cavite. To apply, you must be a citizen and residing in Imus, Cavite. The teachers are really good in speaking english. Their names are Mr. Jeon Byeong Ho and Ms. Oh Ah Reum of Jeon Gok Middle School. They first taught us of the basics, Korean alphabet, Hanguel and its history. Then practiced us pronouncing and writing it.The class was never boring and serious, they made it really fun and interesting.

For those who want to learn Korean language for free and online you can click here and translate it, the website is easy and user friendly.
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