Korean Class Part 2

A second post about my Korean class. So every friday of the week, instead of having a regular class, Mr. Jeon and Ms. Oh taught us traditional Korean games. They also had their students come with them, yes Korean teenagers, to teach and help us with the games. On the first friday January 10 they taught us Korean games one of them is gonggi or Korean Jackstone. We all had fun and enjoyed the day while playing with the Korean students. Some of my classmates sang while we were playing. Haha.

Gonggi or Korean Jackstone
This is played like a normal jackstone here in the Philippines except the pebbles is not bouncing and you have to use the pebble as a ball and catch it while getting the others. And there must be only 6 jacks. To know more how to play gonggi click here.

Then on the second friday which was yesterday they taught us how to play Yutnori. To know how to play Yutnori click here

Watch out for part 3 because most of the pictures are there.

Pics are from Google Images.
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