Short hair again

Well I guess its time for a all about me post! The title of this post says it all right? Once again, I'm short haired (insert drum roll sound) haha my mother dragged me to the salon yesterday together with my sister, Jheannie. 
Add captionThis is me trying to look animated haha edited in Camera 360 this app has tons of effects you can apply to your picture to make it look more beautiful. Amazing isn't it?
After that we ate at Burger King to treat ourselves since me and Jheannie had a haircut. But anyways I guess I'll not be tired of this haircut even though Its always my haircut in high school haha. This kind of hair reminds me of my high school, one of the best times of my life, since specially I met the most amazing/special persons in my life. Haha..

AMe smiling and posing in front the mirror. An outfit shot (half part only). This is an #ootd picture of me haha.
Floral Dress from Preppy

This pictures are also found in my Instagram Account here.

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