This Election

If you are following me in Twitter, you may have already saw this since I posted links (which contains pictures) about the coming election in the Philippines. But I'll post it here also, so that the chances of reading/passing the information will be high. Hahaha (talk about being concerned, but yes I'm concerned since I can't vote because I'm not registered I just turned 18 this year so I cannot still register and vote). Since its 5 days before the election day here in the Philippines that is May 13, 2012, let me share something informational as well as beneficial for those people/netizens of the Philippines who will be voting this coming election day. Read the pictures and remember to vote wisely and surely. God Bless us all!

This is about the each candidates for senator stand in some issues regarding the Philippines. (Please click the picture so it can be viewed larger.)

This is all about each candidates for senator attendance in senatorial forums and debates.

Hope you find this beneficial and informational. :) (But I think it will, comments are welcome)

     The first picture is from here
     The second picture is from here.
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