Polyvore experience

So here are some of my sets (creations) in Polyore (previous post, see more here) . This website is so fun. You got to mix and match outfits and accessories that you like or you dream to have. Haha plus you'll be able to interact with different people in different countries. And if ever you ran out of ideas the polyvore official trendsetter (@polyvore-editorial on polyvore) held contests with time limit and rules. You'll really have fun especially if you win the contest and you'll get to see different sets made by others. I got to know this website when my cousin, Pia, introduced it to me when I spent some weeks in their house. Isn't great? Haha. See for yourself. Will discuss some or maybe all of the sets you've seen one by one. How did I came up with that set and all the like. Visit their website here. And don't forget to visit my polyvore account. Click here to see. Follow me and I'll follow back. Looking forward in seeing you there! :)
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