The things I want

So this are things I really want to have as of the moment. If I could just have all the money in the world. Haha. :))

Dresses in Pastel colors, since it is still Summer here in the Philippines, I wanna wear this and show to the world that I can wear dress comfortably and not sacrificing my body with super flowy and revealing dresses.
A satchel bag, specially in Pink (this color) or brown. For me its cute. chic, stylish and functional as well. 

Floral heels and floral sneakers (not shown) I think everything floral is good and beautiful in my eyes.

Geometric shorts

Blue heels, I have this in red ( not exactly the same but somehow looks like this) but obviously I want it also in this color. 
But I'm still a student so having all of these will not be good or somehow beneficial because I should be studying and focus in finishing my chosen course or program.

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