Detective Conan

I've been watching this anime for quite some time not some time for a long time. 7 years. And its Detective Conan (title in Japan) or Case Closed! Me and my sister, Jheannie, is watching this anime since I was in Grade 5, if I still remember. And because of the influence of this anime, I've been fond of reading mystery novel specially Sherlock Holmes (which is Shinichi Kudo's favorite also, haha).

The last picture is Conan the shrink size of Detective Shinichi, I won't spoil the fun so if you wanna know the reason about this watch Detective Conan, it'll be fun I'm sure! :)

(But I guess everybody knew this because the manga  been created in 1995 by Gosho Aoyoma and airing in Japan's television since then and Rank 9 of 1380 in, watch anime online and it is currently airing at GMA every weekdays on 9AM). Know more about Detective Conan here. (I want to personally introduce it to you but that will be sooooo long hahaha). And I suggest you watch the Detective Conan's episodes (in here because I personally watch here and I think this is the best website to watch different anime in this website. Enjoy Detective Conan!
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