College days

So since I'm a college student allow me to share some pictures of me and my classmates in our school but first let me tell you all about our school (Cavite State University) is one of the premier university in Cavite although not really known its was established by the Thomasites as a pioneer intermediate school in 1906. And by virtue of the Republic Act No. 8648, the school was converted to Cavite State University on January 22, 1988, and by the year 2003 Cavite State University-Imus Campus (CVSU-Imus) was established. One good thing about this university is that it offers the cheapest tuition and other fees (among all the university in Cavite) gives a high edge education and made (making) its students into globally competitive person, in other words, being successful in their chosen fields. Isn't that amazing? Hahaha. Just sharing my thoughts. Visit the official website here.  When I entered the univesity, I easily have bonded with BM 1-E because they are so nice and fun to be with. No wonder, other Irregular students (like me) wanted to have their class with them. Anyways, here goes the pictures. :)

The 5 pictures (above) was captured in one of the computer lab of the school. BM 1-E and some of the irregular students (with me of course). You can easily tell just by looking that BM1-E students are fun to be with and more fun with other students too. L-R  Kuya Bryan, Kuya Frank, Ided, Ate Vinzl, Jer, Marra, Jessa, Karen, Me, Ate Freda and Kuya Benj

Okay, so this is actually me and Mildred in Mcdo. This fast food chain is so near at our school. Haha :))  This is time when we (BM 1-E) suprise Ided because its her birthday. Btw, the time between this and the pictures taken in the computer lab was not the same. 

This was taken outside the school. Some of my good friends and classmates at school. Continuation of the suprise    birthday of Ided. L-R  Kuya Peter, Kuya Benj, Me, Jessa, Karen (pretty girl haha),Ate Vinzl (one of the smartest person I    know) Jer (this girl is so talkative, kidding) and Marra (my witty friend) Ate Angel and Ate Cindy.

(Some text includes Wikipiedia information about CVSU )
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