Quezon Trip Part 2

After we went in Kamay ni Hesus, we had our lunch at my Lola's house then visited my Lolo at the cemetery. After visiting my Lolo in the cemetery, we went first to Kuya Jeffrey and Ate Marra's house. They cooked pancit habhab and spring rolls and I must say its so delicious!

Our visit looks like a mini reunion of my mother's side.

Their 2nd child Zenzen (nickname only)! So cute! She looks like my mom. Really

Their 3rd child. Peyzen. Weird nickname but it is actually the
combination of their first and second child's nickname.
Peypey is not here because she was at her lola's house.

Cutie patottiee!

Dave, Mom and Zenzen. Told you they look alike.

Such a cute smile.

Jheannie, me, mama and zenzen. Not yet retouched face haha.

Our Happy faces.

After we went there, we decided to go to Sampitan Beach at Brgy. Casiguay and I must say the scenery, the beach, the sound was perfect. It was so refreshing and I wished I had my swimwear or extra clothes, I want to swim. We are just smiling and picture taking all the time. And the fun part you can swim for free! Wow talk about enjoying without even a cost.

On our way down. Quite adventure going down. Dont know what rock to step.
But fun. I think its my first time experiencing this

Another photo. Kuya Rj was such a gentleman helping us to get down.
The beach was so huge and there is an island i think 10km away. And that island is white sand. Cool right? You dont need to go to Boracay just to have white sand. But since we are only given a limited time, we didnt went there anymore.
The beach can you imagine the sound. So good and its music to my ears.

Love this shot.

My bro. He is obviously happy.
Its been a long time since we went on the beach.

Stole a shot haha. They're happy playing in the beach.

Me enjoying the beach. Look at the waves, its beautiful right.

Okay so they talked. While me was just standing. Haha.

Im late for this pose. Haha

Beach beach girl. So happy.

With my brother.

This is beautiful right?

My feet drenched in the water. Very refreshing.

The waves want me. Haha

They just love the beach.

Going to the other side of the beach.

What a view. I can get used to this. I wanna be here everyday.

My feet and shoes. Red.

Almost there.

Randomly shot this.

Me posing again. This is the other side of the beach.
With big rocks. The water is clear.

Another one.

Did you like the beach. I know you did. So I think and I must say this is one of the places you must visit in the Philippines. Its a 4-5 hr ride from Cavite- Quezon and 4-5 hr ride going back. This trip is so fun. I'm definitely going back here. I wish I will have more adventure like this in the future. I must be determined to reach this goal. Haha. P.S excuse the faces.

What I wore:
Stripped Blue Button down from BNY Jeans
Jeans from Bizzare
Rosary Bracelet from Thrift shop
Red Shoes from Thrift shop
Skin Toned Flip flops from Toeberries

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