Outfit Advice

For today's Outfit advice series lets discuss all about the theme or nature of every girls outfit.
One thing to consider in dressing up is what would be the event, the place and time you have to dress for. It could be attending to a party to just a stroll in the mall. The list is limitless. Anyhow, let me tell you the things to have for a specific event.

Lets focus to one things at a time. So first is if you are just planning to have a get together with friends on daytime, just like watching movies, going to karaoke and more.  Heres the pieces I advise that you should have in your closet and you should wear aside from a printed or plain colored tee (thats given):

1. Bag
Go with a medium sized bag, just the size that can fit your necessary things like cellphone, makeup kits, wallet and other things. Go with plain colored satchel. Or this bag in the pictures. Credits here 

2. Flats 
A staple for every girl. Wear flats according to your outfit, if your outfit color is neon go with neutral, after all you dont want to look like a clown. Wear things accordingly.

3. Oxfords
If you're bored enough to wear flats go with oxfords, it is now unisex and they can take you from casual, indie, hip, polished or any style you want.  Credits here

4. Shorts
Invest in good shorts, not only it shows how toned and good looking your legs, it also feels nice to wear shorts since it will not be hot. Remember to also consider the length and style. Pick shorts that is easy to style and usually the formula for this is: ombre shorts=plain tee, denim shorts=printed tee or sleeveless. Credits here

First up, wear something comfortable, this way you dont have to restrict your self from moving. Wearing comfortable means, wear your favorite color, your favorite bag, favorite shoes. But consider the colors and the style you wanted to create. For just a stroll in the mall, it has to be just simple, dont go dressy. Hope this helps!

For the next Outfit Advice Series...keep posted guys. :)
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