Quezon Trip Part 1

Its the first day of Novemeber and my family decided to go to Quezon. First reason is to visit our dear Lolo Memem which is in heaven already (I know, I believe) and second is to visit again the place and enjoy nature. Since we live in Cavite, its a loooong trip actually 4-5 hours trip (depends on the trafic) but nevertheless its fun. We drove via SLEX then to Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Alaminos Laguna and to the provinces of Quezon. Since we woke up at 5am we have our trip at 6am which is super early for us to be there also early.

Our first stop was at Jolibee San Pablo, we went there to have a quick breakfast. Sleepy faces.

Then we went to Kamay Ni Hesus. The place is just surreal and awesome. I love the ambiance and the sight there. I've been there twice and I must say its the same old place I went before. The weather was just different. Cause its so hot and its like gonna rain, unlike last 2009 when it is a nice weather. 

The first thing you see in Kamay Ni Hesus! 

The four of us. Haha. Very stolen.

The candles, make a wish.

This is still a part of Garden of Eden.

The entrance.

 Kamay Ni Hesus is such a looong walk. But totally worth it. We enjoyed it.

The view from the top! Soooo beautiful. Wew I made it. Totally worth it.

On my way down!

The whole view of Kamay Ni Hesus from the bottom.

 Of course after picture taking and all, time to get some souvenirs. There is a store near the place and the staffs are friendly too.

Early greeting of Christmas! Santa Claus saying welcome!

Bracelets for a cheap price

The store is small but very good looking.

Native sweets and foods!

Another store!

Stolen shot these are my siblings!
 Some of the souvenirs you can get from the store.

T-shirts. My mom get her own. 

I am so happy to visit this place again. Hoping I'll get back soon! Anyways Quezon Trip Part 2 will be uploaded next time stay tuned. You're gonna love Quezon province even more. :)

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