Bicol Trip

Long time no post. Haha. So here's a travel post once again. I've been in quite some places these days huh. Haha so me and my family went to Bicol for personal purposes (dont wanna share why, i wanna keep it private).

Anyways, Bicol region is so beautiful and the air is so fresh and the water is really cold in the morning. We traveled 10 hours from Cavite to Polangui, Albay my dad's hometown. I swear, in my 4 days in Bicol, we just eat eat eat aside from shopping and touring. Haha. On our first day, we visited Mayon Volcano. It is located in Legazpi, Albay. Its a 30 minute ride from Polangui (moderate traffic). The scenery is so beautiful and we arrived early at 11am, so there are only few people, when we arrived theres only two. And we managed to get a lot pics it seems like we rented the whole place. After about 2 hours, a tourist bus came. Good thing we finished picture taking and buy souvenirs and decided to leave and go to Gaisano Mall to eat for lunch. Anyways,  here are the pics.

Our personal bag for the trip. :) Guess which is mine?
Next pictures are so cute and funny. Its all about angles you know?

Group pic

Another one

Cagsawa Ruins, this used to be a church but since it was destroyed by the eruption of Mayon Volcano it turned into this.

The back part of the church.

Touristy pic and pose.

And now its time for souvenirs. There are a lot of shops and things you can buy which is locally produced in Albay. And this are some.

Wall decors

Key Chains

Hope you like the pics and visit Mayon Volcano.
Some pictures are taken by The Cagsawa photographer personnel.

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