Resolutions and Lookback.

After Christmas, its New Year and my birthday celebration. Haha But before that, since its few days before 2014, did you have your own resolutions and goals for 2014? How about I share some of mine and you guys can create your own, after all its all up to us to make life enjoyable! :) But before sharing, lets us look back to the year 2013, what did the year had done to me.

The simbang gabi.
"SSS, DHL, OMG, MP3 and nakalimutan ko na ung ibang acronym na binigay ni Father sa mga Simbang Gabi this 2013, the acronyms have their own meaning regarding to the Gospel on that day. Call me anything, pero di ko na maalala ung iba. The last simbang gabi was really a hit for me. Reflections and realizations. It said that let's always be thankful for what we have, even the smallest things and let God shine through our life by praying and talking to Him everyday, because in this way we can truly feel the overflowing and overwhelming good things and blessings that God will give to us. I'm so glad despite what I'm feeling/thinking right now, I have all the persons and things I need. And even completed the simbang gabi. Its my 2nd time now. And looking forward to the next simbang gabi I will attend in the next years. Thank you Lord for all the blessings. " - post from my facebook account

Over all 2013 was good and not that good at the same time, but I learned many things as well as experience new things, which I think are the 2 most important things lets not just dwell in the negatives. I traveled in Bicol and Quezon (see my post), I cried, I laughed, I almost got the the things I want but I had known myself this year and thats important. I also discovered the power of praying and having faith in God and I loved my family even more, they are always there for me when I had problems, I love them to infinity.


I expect this year to have tremendous luck for me as well as good health and happy life. And its all up to me to do it. My checklist (goal) for this year are:
-Good Health and personal things
-Finish my research
-Always thinking positive
-Dont let situation control me
- Do not be materialistic and continue to enjoy little and simple things
and Enjoy Life!!!

Hope this post help you to reflect for this year and look forward to 2014. Share your experiences guys. Comment below!
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