Happy Holidays

Christmas is nearly approaching. Here in the Philippines, Simbang Gabi, a tradition of attending mass in the evening or early in the morning started. Yay! And the wind is cold.. Ohh... Christmas air!! Do you have plans this Christmas share it with me! Haha. Dont know what to do yet this Christmas but I'm definitely going to have fun and get together with family and relative! Anyways I would like you to greet in advance guys, Merry Christmas and oh 5 days to go and its New Year, 2014. But before that, this post is a help or advice to those people who dont know or have no idea what to give to their loved ones this holidays.

To your sister/female relative, friend:

Skin/body Care treatments- chose a trusted brand or the brand that you personally use so the receiver will feel your warm gift with feelings or go with organic products the will love it!  I suggest you go to The Body Shop they offer a wide array of skin and body care products and offer organic products also, and the best part they come in affordable prices or go to bodyshop.com

To your brother/male relative, friend:
T-shirts- when you have no idea what to give to your boy relative or friend, give something that is cool, a tshirt with a cool print. They'll be happy but just get the right size and their perfect. Go to Cotton On shop they offer cool tshirts with affordable price or visit shop.cotton.com

To someone who is older than you (male or female):
Perfume-  give the right perfume to the person you think fits the smell and think also that the perfume must not be too strong.

To your young cousins (children, male or female):
Books- educational books are the best and it will be good if you will read it to them.

Hope this helps!

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